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Adidas sports performance as a new member of a large family, Shawn portrait interpretation Adidas Men's Training Series Fall Outer Jacket, with a shuttle between the city enjoy sports manifestations, to encourage more people to use around your fingertips sporty city elements to create their own special city stadium. As the younger generation understands favorite public figures, Shawn weekdays very sporty, the endorsement Adidas sports perfo Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping rmance series can be said to be welcomed, for this cooperation, he said, "I am happy to join the family of Adidas sports performance, For me, sport is an indispensable part of life, this idea and Adidas is very relevant, as long as you have the idea to exercise, where you can be your playground. I think this cooperation is a good start, Let me the opportunity to pass this motion spirit and attitude to more people. " The new season adidas Men's Training jackets to the city's skyline for design inspiration, brings four unique jackets hit color, whether it is a favorite family greet dawn morning run out to enjoy the warm autumn day training mad about, or When evening departure joggers and explore the night night ranger, they can find their own special autumn new in this season. At the same time, lig Cheap air jordan 12 ovo ht, soft fabric using sport to bring a more comfortable wearing experience, so that people have it all the time to enjoy the city sports fun. this season's new single product, Shawn said, "although usually busy, but choose to go outdoors, to go to the city movement is my ideal state. This season Adidas Outer Jacket provides a lot of colorful choices, Fabric is also very comfortable, I really like it, put it to the Games more passionate. " The new season adidas Men's Training Outer Jacket will be generally available from 1 September. As the first interpretation Shawn athletic performance products, but also look forward to this season starting with their own sport to more young people to bring positive energy, where to find and experience all the fun playground. With immediate effect, landing " cheap jordans for sale Adidas Training" Sina meager, Adidas training official website, adidas official store, Learn more ?????? autumn jackets series New details. Shawn interview by Q: Media A: Shawn Q: Can you become very happy new spokesman for Adidas, the first commercials, what do you think can share ? A: very happy to join the adidas family. The hand in Adidas, for me is a good start. We hope to have more opportunities and Adidas together to bring more products. Q: do you see today are very good at some sports action, usually you often send their own training time photos. You usually very busy, how work can be done in a busy period also adhere to the training? A: I think this concept is very relevant and Adidas. I usually shoot to different places, Retro jordans for sale but I'll use some simple instruments to carry out training at the job site. Movement needs conscious and insist, as long as you have to go after the idea of ??movement, where are the playground, where you can achieve motion effect you want. Q: Can I understand that as the Games give you a sense of satisfaction ? A: It may be a habit, exercise is a part of life. Even busy filming, I will keep the habit of exercise. Q: You go abroad to work or go to the field shooting to the hotel's gym will do some training What training do you prefer the way ?? A: My fitness coach according to my strengths, weaknesses developed a training program, more targeted. I was under this program to go to training, it is not much need for training equipment, no matter where I may be training. Also, I heard that Adidas Cheap air jordans for sale also has a training course called adidas training formula, and I hope that we can combine the plan, introduced to more people. Q: We know you like to go to the basketball game, and that if the work is very busy, it is not needed to keep the company off to match ? A: Yes, sometimes need to be arranged in advance, because the comparison is not fixed working hours. As artists, we have the time to train, I think no one has an excuse not to do sports. After all, we artists work the longest, most irregular, rest, freedom minimal. If we can do that, then I believe that if we are willing, and certainly can do it. I told Eddie (Eddie) in the filming of the gap will often go around for exercise. Q: just talk to play this topic, we know you usually play too often, as a public figure, it will be mind to cheap foamposites some of the public, there is a fan site to play it if you want to demonstrate their skills with you, you also? I do not mind it? A: Of course not, we often will go to the basketball court and we play together. Sports, regardless of occupation, status, just go to the playground, everyone just to enjoy the pleasure of playing. Q: We all know that basketball is a sport you like, in addition, what sports are you more likely to pay attention to the ? A: boxing, I quite like to watch boxing. I think when they match with the fighting forces, they are very powerful. And boxing is one pair requires a very high self-discipline sport, but also need the full range of training, including reaction, pace, attack, defense, and so on. Q: Now many people like to do the training, there are many training meth cheap jordans for sale mens ods, such as the now more popular cross fit, is a combination of core and aerobic training, I do not know if you have not tried ? A: Each sport will have a combination of aerobic anaerobic. Such as basketball will require some anaerobic training, to train explosive short period of time, this will be relatively hard. Jogging be my weakest sport, may not be consistent with my personality, I like a bit of passion for sports. Q: Many training methods just mentioned are done indoors, but as of today we took the ad, as well as the concept of motion Adidas launched this fall are encouraged to go to the city movement. You have done this before you try it? Or you, "Where are the playground" concept have any ideas? A: I understand now why more people do at the gym inside the movement, because of the ti Retro jordans for sale me, so that the working environment is more difficult outdoor sports. But I love outdoor sports, because the air, the environment, the overall feel of outdoor sports and indoor sports in a completely different time. I was doing sports, I like to see the green, nature stuff. No matter where you can have a lot of movement inside and outside the city, in addition to the room, some of the park can also do some jogging or core training. Q: talked about sports, the right pair of shoes is also important. You usually have to respect what sneakers preferences? A: I like to help low shoes, exercise them more flexible. This is regarded as one of my own habits. Q: After becoming the new Adidas spokesman, would you like your fans are encouraged to do more sport ? A: My fans know that I was a movement of cheap jordan shoes for men people, I believe that they naturally would like me to do more exercise. In fact, the biggest advantage of the movement is to bring positive energy. Because there are a lot of negative things, such as work pressure, social pressure, the Games let you put positive things accumulated, the negative things away. I insist on an important reason for doing exercise is done after the campaign I was able to feel happy. Thus, the movement has become my most effective way of decompression. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partners: shoe & nbsp; clothing and shoes information.)sports brand puma recently in order to meet the arrival of Chinese New Year "Year of the Horse" and its regional TAKUMI on specially with Suede and Suede Mid pairs of classic shoes as the blueprint for bringing this "Year of the Horse" do not note series. Respectively, black and brown as the main theme throughout, two pairs of shoes are made of high texture combined with luxurious leather horse hair and shoes are made by traditional Japanese art, on the tongue with laser "horse" word mark, respectively carrying brown and white signature style rubber-soled together. 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