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New York Air Max Con will be open in March 24th. in addition, the Air Max Day celebration will be launched in Taiwan in March 26th and will go to for more i Cheap air jordan 12 ovo nformation, adidas works hard with artists. When they want to send Tubular meaning, held a future time capsule, 10 different areas of the young artists, including Chinese character artist Eric Hu, will have their own ideas in the Adidas Originals financial Tublar, convey their ideas for the future of the world. In the future, today's high-tech shoes may have become a classic in their mouths, as we now say the classic, but in the past is a cross generational shoes revolution, want to witness the history together? The event has been held in New York, USA on March 8th, at the new museum of contemporary art in Losangeles, followed by the 10 The Seventh Letter in the city. source: Nice Kicks Taiwan run altar annual key events of the Taipei marathon and the upcoming events, but every time there is a lot of hot runner Xiang Yu has been gaining momentum, but the event sponsored by the brand Adidas in the countdown to the occasion of doing something and to move to 11/28 organized a "Energy Challenge" no activity, invited to draw the 2015 Taipei marathon qualifying run, through their results to get the final entry opportunities. To sign up for the many friends ran to pick out the 128 most fast runners, set in the national Taiwan Normal University, there are men's and women's groups and half horse horse, you can sign up ENERGY CHALLENGE exclusive Jersey, knew not to report the Taipei horse... 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Losangeles (Los Angeles), Atlanta (Atlanta) for inspiration, three city initials into the shoe body block, in addition to the details of star pattern, the heel pull with more designers personal signature, highlighting the cooperation memorial. three colors, each pair of limited 33 pairs, is now available in foreign online store Finish Line purchased, priced at $140. source: Finish Line& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - brand observation] return to the "origin", Adidas spent seven years. In 2008, Adidas and Nike's market share in China was less than 1%, which is closest to the first time Adidas. Since then, Adidas suddenly down, very long period of time no longer be eligible, "one of the best." Go back to the final pitch, it is 2015. The Adidas back to this position is the fifth consecutive year of revenue growth. "We have Nike evenly matched, our brand has never been stronger." High Skyline Adidas Greater China general manager director a casual, said this relief. High Skyline came in 2010 when Greater China, Adidas's market Cheap air jordans for sale share in China is only ranked fourth, the top surface of Nike, Li Ning and Anta. "We gradually lost the limelight, many brands FY projections." Skyline High four years he has sat on the seat, from the fourth back to the second of the night raid led by him. When took the stand, Adidas just stock whirlpool withdraw soon, trembling weak, it has already decided to leave to catch up. This is a military order paper, high Skyline not have much time to prove himself, seven years, he is the seat of the third owner. 2011, the high Skyline team to develop a five-year long-term planning, it is called "Gateway 2015." Now to the closing stages of last year, high Skyline want to taste the harvest of sweet sprinted use. 2014 fiscal year results show that sales in Greater China 1.811 billion euros, an increase of 10%. The other side of the coin is that Adidas profits actually still falling. 2014 net profit of 564 million euros, compared with the previous year fell by 27%. "This is a way to seek change and transformation." High Skyline said. Adidas farewell difficult years, ushered in a long-distance confrontation, fortunately Adidas already different. right river took office, we must first ensure that high adidas Skyline will not step into the same river error. Adidas CEO Herbert? Heiner (Herbert Hainer) at the beginning of 2008, "said the Beijing Olympics will be the best chance we've ever had." He was convinced that the Olympic Games will be a "turning point" . Unfortunately, Heiner opportunity to showcase their products to the world features several stretches of the final quarter turned into a drag. Adidas overexert into stock whirlpool difficult to extricate themselves after the Olympics, Nike that time also dragged down by the stock, but the decline was not as good as Adidas rapidly. To sum up, Adidas on how to maximize the value of the Olympic Games this pro cheap jordans for sale blem, Nike has taken a different orientation and strategy. At the time, Adidas invested about 80 million to one hundred million US dollars, received a sponsor of the Beijing Olympic Games qualification. As a sponsor, will provide uniforms and shoes for the Olympics all the staff and volunteers a total of 10 million people, while also providing the official uniforms for the Chinese Olympic team. It also has a monopoly in the whole of China sold exclusively licensed "fandom apparel." But this is a pyrrhic sale, in preparation for the Olympic Games more than a year, Adidas has invested heavily, high inventory, sales is not satisfactory, cash flow pressure is huge. Instead, Nike focused on individual sponsorship of Chinese Olympic sports teams and individual athletes, the original Nike president Charlie? Denson said the policy would be more effective in business. "Whether it is from the perspective of the movement to support, or from a commercial and marketing point of view, this is the best use of our resources." Nike future shocks experienced during the economic crisis has not been beating also largely thanks This strategy has done. These two ideas in different directions, directly determines the Olympics after a big carnival, than Nike, Adidas onto steeper slopes. Olympics is a watershed, but Adidas Quefei miss the opportunity to climb to the top of the loss of one day. According to Euromonitor International data, between 2008 to 2009 year, Adidas market share fell by about 4%. It is most depressing is that, in this case, it is the local rival Li Ning substituted at second place China market - this is the first decline in 2004 to catch up with Li Ning after Adidas. Adidas within a year experienced a "great mercy" tough day begins. "There's nothing to fight a losing battle," a former high Skyline, when he was general manager of Greater China director of Dub Retro jordans for sale ai Rui said, "the key is to learn." "Simply put, our future focus is on from the previous emphasis on the wholesale segment, increase order volume, sold out to improve the rate of distribution links. "Skyline High, said before the dealers to attend when ordering, get our hands on the product catalog stereotyped, free to choose their own products to buy, but now starting to change, Adidas will to cooperate with the dealer, according to the climate characteristics and population characteristics of each region to help them to classify and order. about 5% -20% of large orders from the auto Adidas procurement, packaging sent to the warehouse, and tell them not to open the package, which places the city which is to re-open, through this form to achieve more precise for goods. At the same time, Adidas sales data can also be obtained from 80% the day of the stores, including gender and product and consumer price they choose. All this effort, Adidas wants to achieve is better able to understand what most consumers want to buy, the market's most fire is. 2014 fiscal year, Nike Greater China recorded revenue of $ 2.602 billion, 1.811 billion euros of Adidas Greater China, the gap between the two is not self-evident. However, the high Skyline from the consumer point of view are more willing to assess their position, "Look where consumers are more willing to buy things." survey of market share can have two angles, one wholesale supplier order quantity, which is the company to do a lot of official data or earnings data used; the other, depending on where consumers are willing to buy, but also It is sold out rate. "Because in the past some brand ran into the problem of high inventory, though a lot of orders, but in the end are not out of stock." This is the Adidas eaten loss, an error entered the river. This is the decision to target high Skyline from wholesale transf Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping ormation into a sold-out rate in mind. To monitor sold rate, Adidas will do every year a large-scale market research, looking for a million consumers, offers a lot of products, ask what kind of products they are most willing to buy these products. The survey results show the past few years, Adidas and Nike basically neck and neck. beat Nike? ? Nike founder Phil Knight said: "I wanted to defeat Nike, the only way is to comprehensively and accurately imitate us, and then identify the different break points in all." Nike has been able to continue to remain competitive force, the key is more emphasis on market segments, product portfolio more adept at playing the idea. 2011, the high Skyline took over "revival plan" direction also probably around market segments and extensive product portfolio expanded. Of course, this is not out of imitation, but on the basis of large-scale market research. His goal is very simple, that is, until 2015 when he became the leading sports brand in Greater China. In the "Gateway to the 2015 road", he designed 15 modules, of which five are growth module 7 is the internal capacity growth module, there are three for the customer that is the ability to increase the dealer module. The Sino-British mixed-race professional managers not only have the German company usual careful thinking, more "no mercy" execution. "It's like in sports, if you pay a lot of sweat to train, it is possible to improve your performance and may even win the game." High Skyline need to do is execute the transformation footwear, from wholesale transformation into a sale exhausted rate, then focus on how to better the new facade. The first category is the initiative promoted by the market faster each category combinations. Aspen Das even in a global competitive advantage is the breadth of its product, but they also know that their core business or sports go cheap foamposites ods in China, because 70% of sales come from sports products. Therefore, in addition to professional sports products, sports and leisure lifestyle products, Adidas must be layout. The second is to expand the emerging small and medium sized cities, which are future growth engines, "We call them the future of the city, because they would be 2015's fastest growing regions." At the end of 2014, Adidas has covered China 2279 in the city of more than 1,000 seats, there are more than 8,000 stores in the Chinese market, in 2014 the newly opened store in the "future" small cities accounted for half. Next is the segmentation of retail outlets for different types of customers and different forms of preference to build retail, such as women's specialty stores for women, NEO Stage, Original flagship store, outdoor franchise stores, shop football and basketball shops. Prior to this, there are various brands of Adidas sports shop, but there is no breakdown according to the pattern category. In order to determine what form of which cities to open store, Adidas has a special shop inside the Commission, it is one of a high Skyline. The committee will meet once every two weeks, according to the local population, the level of economic development, competition brand shop case to decide what level of a region or city needs to open shop. For example, women currently only open stores in first-tier and second-tier cities, and affordable NEO product line to six cities will sell, and sport performance products because prices vary greatly, the distribution of their own different, such as top-end designer brands Stella McCartney, only first- and second-tier cities, and there are some high-end brands for running sports, also mainly in the first- and second-tier markets to serve. The last two strategies is that the rapid expansion of Origi-nal sports classic series, as well as low-en Retro jordans for sale d positioning NEO brand's success, we want consumers to be able to better understand what we NEO brand and other brands of athletic performance the difference. In a nutshell, Adidas want is expansion. Now, Adidas has penetrated into the vast hinterland of China's four-line to seven lines of the city. Access to these "none had even heard of the name" the town means it needs more flexible tactics, lower internal communication costs, higher efficiency of cooperation. High Skyline adjustment in 2012 of the Greater organizational structure, to form a new team, in terms of leadership ability and have carried out restructuring, focusing on quality and the ability to create internal, ad infinitum implement five business growth module project. Every year, high Skyline will make to help their colleagues to take a photograph. Look at the photos of the past few years, he exclaimed himself getting older, more haggard. 2014, first demanding colleagues Skyline makeup, "she let me point powder coating, so that I look a little younger." Because this year, Adidas' performance is very good ", 10% annual growth can be basically make sure that under his rule Adidas revival no fear. The secret growth female sports market is the next outlet, which is almost all the sports apparel brand of consensus. High Skyline trend does not believe that he only believed data. 2010 survey shows that more and more women like to go exercise, they not only as a sports and fitness, and more to it as part of socializing. Accordingly, Adidas in 2013 launched a special marketing programs for women. This is the first attempt at Skyline High on the Chinese market, but also all the Chinese sports brand first introduced marketing programs for women. Although each has begun to layout, but Adidas is one of the most radical one. Nike, the world's only last year opened two stores, the Chinese market is only one. Lululemon yoga sports brand to enter China just opened showrooms, Adidas breath only at the end of last year opened three stores. like this subdivision stores, there are about 80, this figure accounts for only 1% of the total number of 8,000 stores. Sports marketing expert Zhang believes that even can not help sales in large part, to raise awareness among women Adidas consumers should have some help. "You can have a better consumer experience, female consumers are usually sensitive consumer." High Skyline and not overly concerned with the number of stores. He believes that the contribution to profit breakdown shop is gradual, and if there is no such breakdown shop, customers will go to other brands to the consumer, and the presence of these stores is the future so that they remain in the Adidas here. As more and more stores this breakdown, followed by how to understand the vast Chinese market vastly unpredictable consumers, is one of the challenges placed in front of high Skyline. And how supply system to deal with "dotted" same store needs tricky - a particular design of products, in a special shop only needs, how can we arrive. The problem seems to suddenly returned to the origin. This phrase evoking the reflection of ????? five years ago, "I do not think the competition is stronger than in many of our products, we lose on the mode of operation." Create a set of works like a sprint, But it needs to fulfill the operational capabilities into reality marathon. "The road leading to the 2015" there is a name called "Win in China, winning in the future." Adidas for the moment, the Chinese market is particularly important, although it only accounts for one tenth of global sales, but its future lies. "Adidas want access to global success, we must strengthen investment in China." Skyline High said, "we have been discussing in 2020 when the Chinese would be like." In the 2015 Asian Cup, the Chinese team group stage three straight victories, the Asian Cup group match best result in history, the commercial value of the Chinese soccer team "bursting." And this was with the glory and the Chinese national football 25 years history of cooperation Adidas irrelevant. "Very focused on performance and results," the Adidas decided at the end of 2014 after the Chinese Football Association not to renew the contract expires. "Rival" Nike successor, 12-year sponsorship with 1 billion yuan of Adidas jersey signed it does not have the highest cost of the Orangemen. Exit Sponsored role does not mean it since then and Chinese football insulation. High Skyline can always hope in the competition "ancestors a chip", and now he has begun to spend more energy to invest in grassroots sports, especially the children's activities and projects for. Adidas has created a grassroots football project for children "China campus football", covering 2.7 million students from 123 cities of more than 5,000 schools, "one of them there are some people in five to ten years will be outstanding athletes. " Skyline high, it is investing in the future of football in China. China's future look like? High Skyline can not be determined. "They change so fast." 2010 consumer survey what it was like three or four years, to 2014, he found that basically do not have the reference value. Consumers had not the year of the consumer, "they become more mature, consumer desire and changes in consumer demand speed amazing." achieve market growth in China is no secret at all, the way is the actual high Skyline, then the actual reality - first develop a business plan, "keeping consumers" and enthusiastically executed. Like him every Tuesday Thursday 7:30 to get up running, unshakeable. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partner: Jindibeier brand & nbsp; children's shoes in the morning.)NEW BALANCE running shoes this sector has an important role in the well-known brands in the world of basketball has its place, this brand it as James Worthy fan of classic shoes New Balance 740 2014 brought a new color. Color mainly white dominated, tongue Department, at the upper, heel, side, and into the purple hue N word LOGO, hit color stitching. EVA bottom with CORE, the whole presentation to simple retro atmosphere, great taste year. 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